Precision Healthcare Delivery


HIPAA Education

There are 160+ required elements in HIPAA. It takes at least 200 office hours to sift through the Federal Regulations and develop a HIPAA program to fit your practice. PHD can provide your practice with a thorough guide to assist you through the 160 mandated regulations relating to Privacy and Security under Title II, Administrative Simplification. You will receive detailed information to prioritize tasks to help you meet scheduled deadlines by using project management software tools.

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Network and Provider Credentialing and Contracting:

Since 2001 PHD’s expertise includes credentialing to NCQA standards, as well as standards set by state and federal regulatory agencies. We offer clients a complete range of credentialing services, and have gained health plan marketplace recognition and acceptance in Kentucky and Indiana because of our commitment to excellence in this area.

PHD has been successful in negotiating favorable terms related to the protection of networks, Accountable Care Organizations, (ACOs) independent facilities and independent practices including enhanced rates, value based and shared saving compensation models.

Quality Improvement Plans and Care Coordination Services:

OPHD has developed and implemented Quality Improvement Plans for a number of its healthcare partners. Services include establishing and customizing measure goals; identifying or developing quality initiatives and identifying or establishing quality data capturing processes.

PHD also providers quality and care coordination support staffing services.

Data Analytics and Storage:

Accurate and comprehensive data integration is critical in improving quality and healthcare cost goals. PHD collaboratively works with its health care partners to develop useful dashboards relating to attribution, ER usage, Inpatient information, care gap reporting and predictive modeling among other available reporting options. This information and reporting provides for actionable responses on control of cost and quality, analysis of trends and outlier claims. PHD can establish a proprietary data base for its health care partners upon receipt of data sets.


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